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Signing up for an account

Visit the →Request Account page← to sign up for an account

  • Each person using the wiki should have their own account; it is permissible however to share an account within a company department.
  • Be sure to include your company/plant location in the Personal biography field. Your account request will be denied if this information is not included.
  • The Other information section is optional
  • Your user name will automatically be set to your real name (enter both your first and last name)
  • Additional information may be requested from non-SFSA-member users (U.S. military contractors and suppliers).

Once you have requested an account, you should receive an email confirmation with a link that you should follow to confirm that your email address is valid.


  • Accounts must be approved by SFSA before they will become active and usable.
  • We work to get all new accounts approved within 1-2 business days, however during times when there is a high volume of new account requests, there may be a delay. Please be patient.
  • By requesting an account, you agree to abide by the Terms of use.