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SFSA members have access to a variety of training materials under the SFSA Artisan program.

If you are an SFSA member or other authorized user, log in to access SFSA's Artisan Program training resources.

Description of the Artisan Program

The SFSA Artisan Program is intended to be adopted and used by steel foundries at the plant level to develop the skilled artisans required to keep individual companies adequately staffed and the steel industry vibrant.

SFSA Artisan Program

Artisanship Types

Training Materials


Introduction to Artisan Program Resources

16 minutes 15 seconds recorded on June 17, 2021

Steel Casting Process Overview

9 minutes 18 seconds added on June 2, 2022

Basic Molder: Molding Materials - Sand

14 minutes 13 seconds recorded on July 22, 2021

Basic Molder: Molding Materials - Sand Types

10 minutes 42 seconds recorded on September 23, 2021

Basic Molder: Molding Materials - Binder

14 minutes 39 seconds recorded on October 22, 2021